Ebb and Flow

The Studio Gallery, Gosford Regional Gallery
15th – 24th November 2013

Diane Eklund-Āboliņš, Annette Abolins, Helen Mortimer & Amanda Donohue

Reflecting both the metaphorical and the literal significance of ebb and flow, be it in the movement of the tides or in the fluctuation of life itself, the works in this exhibition seek to give a visual voice to change and displacement.

Gallery Information:

Exhibition Dates:
15th – 24th November 2013
The gallery is open daily from 10am – 4pm

The Arts Centre, Gosford Regional Gallery,
36 Webb Street, East Gosford

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the opening wrap

The exhibition opened on Saturday afternoon – after months of working intensely on finishing the art; it was almost strange to step back and just enjoy the show. Once the artwork is on the wall, it takes on a different format – it has ‘left’ the artist and
is busy interacting with viewers and the surroundings. We had a busy afternoon: Thank you to all of you who came to the opening, and for all all your great comments!

The show is open until the end of this weekend (Sunday 4pm), so if you are out and about on the Central Coast on the weekend, do pop in and have a look!


Ebb and Flow - opening
Ebb & Flow opening at the Studio Gallery – Gosford Regional Gallery


Ebb and Flow - opening
Happy exhibition frequenters at the Studio Gallery


Ebb and Flow - opening
Looking into the gallery – Ebb & Flow exhibition opening


Annette Abolins
Ebb & Flow exhibition – Annette and some of her work …


Annette Abolins - Nine Lives Tarot Prints
Ebb & Flow exhibition – Annette Abolins – Tarot prints and cards


Helen Mortimer
Ebb & Flow exhibition – Helen Mortimer – Oil paintings


Diane - Oil paintings
Ebb & Flow exhibition – Diane Eklund-Āboliņš – Oil paintings


Amanda Donohue - artworks
Ebb & Flow exhibition – Amanda Donohue – Prints and textile